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Back4o is proud to support missionaries around the world. Here are just a few of the missionaries that we get to partner with on a regular basis. 

Pastor Oleg


Pastor Oleg is on the front lines in Ukraine in their fight against Russians. He is a pastor by trade but when his town was attacked he trained to become a medic to help all those wounded and in need. He has been training other medics to help during this difficult time. Back40 is proud to provide resources every month for food and gas for his team of volunteers. 

Bella Joy


Bella joy is a full time staff member at Back40 who currently operates in Ukraine and Hungary. She has a real gift for translating and coordinating for other ministry teams. She has helped translate the Bible in Hungarian as well as work on the TV show "The Chosen." She loves working with the gypsy children of Ukraine and we are lucky to be apart of her team. 



Peter Opinyah

Peter is the president of Seed power foundation in Kenya. He runs a school in the more remote are where he feeds and gives basic education to over 340 students. His ministry impacts the whole community giving them life skills and the gospel of Jesus Christ.



Alex & Diana

Vine and Branches is an incredible ministry on the Mexico border in Piedras Negras. They run a library that hosts events during the week for kids and parents. The relationships they build have an incredible impact on the Kingdom of God.



Edith Cruz

Edit & Her husband were working together in Peru doing the Lords work until tragedy struck and her husband went home to be with the Lord. Never one to give up, Edit continurs to this day to work with the children of Peru and to share with them the love of Jesus.



Raul Lopez

Raul has been doing ministry for many years in Peru. He ran a seminary that trained hundreds of people in biblical theology. His latest adventure is a church plant that will send missionaries to remote Peruvian tribes, some of whom have never heard the name of Jesus before!

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