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Back40 was started by renowed missionary and author Walker Moore. For over 25 years he led students overseas on what is called a "Right of Passage" mission trip. His singular goal was to raise up the next generation of missionaries. After he retired he knew he had to continue to help the missionaries he had met from around the world that were far too often forgotten. Back40 was born out of a desire to help in the background missionaries and churches all around the world.


Unfortunately, Walker Moore passed away suddenly in 2023 leaving behind a growing ministry and an incredible legacy. His son Caleb Moore stepped into the role to make sure that missionaries and churches continued to receive the care and support they had gotten from his father. Caleb is currently pastor of Catoosa First, an author and host of the Dog Backwards podcast.

Back40 has expanded its missionary support by providing apologetic resources to pastors and churches around the world. This includes books, seminars, and individual coaching to help churches fight against false teachings. The prosperity gospel has been shipped all over the world and it is devastating the faith of vulnerable Christians. We hope to educate believers and expose false teachers (Romans 16:17) so that the church may flourish. 


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